Socialcam Challenge @ SXSW Winner Announced

We launched Socialcam on Monday, March 7, then headed down to SXSW to tell the world about our new app (and, of course, to have a good time). While there, we ran the Socialcam Challenge video contest, along with Airbnb and Hipmunk.  

The gist? Take goofy videos of your friends doing goofy things and win airfare and a week on a private island in Fiji. Today, we're announcing our winner. 

For audacity, viral success, nerd cred, and for the fact that it made our entire office laugh our butts off, the winner is...  drumroll...  The iPad 2 Licker

Congrats to Samuel Yu. You are indeed a Socialcam genius and you'll be hearing from us today about how to claim your prize. 

The Socialcam Challenge @ SXSW 2011 winning video:

3 responses
congrats, sam! we always knew you had 'em licked! awwww what! pun time!
If you follow Sam online you'll find most of his escapades are quite tongue-in-cheek
Woo-hoo, thanks again to the entire Socialcam crew for such a great app and awesome contest! Glad my video made ya'll laugh! The most common question I receive from friends and family regarding the video is whether or not I cleaned the iPad first. Everytime I'm asked that question, my tongue tingles.

Hoping I can do some Socialcamming from Fiji!