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Wired - 7/5/2012
Socialcam’s founders came from Justin.TV, a six-year-old web service designed for one thing: sharing video… going by who’s been obsessing over video sharing the longest, I’ll give the edge to Socialcam.
Mashable - 6/28/2012
Video-sharing platform Socialcam‘s tagline is “the easiest way to take and share videos,” and brands are taking note.  “We’re always looking to engage digital communities in emerging storytelling mediums,” says Linda Boff, global director of digital, advertising and design at General Electric (GE), one of the top brands on Socialcam. “We particularly like Socialcam because it enables us to showcase and answer questions about our technology, and people at work through the context of social video.”
Forbes - 6/24/2012
Based on this little exercise, I would advise someone wanting to join a video sharing app that will persist to choose Socialcam. - 6/21/2012
Carter explained how Atom Factory Inc; recently started a fund for taking risks with start-ups and larger companies investing in "a little bit of 30 companies" including Dropbox, Spotify, Socialcam, Voxer, and Uber. Carter says that, "It's been a significant part of our business. Not just from a financial standpoint but also from an access standpoint and being able to get a real glimpse of the technology that's on the horizon. A lot of these guys are going to be future world leaders." 
GigaOM - 6/20/2012
He cited Socialcam, Pinterest and Instagram as examples of relatively new companies that have been built on the cloud and scaled quickly, and said we should plan to see many more of these popping up. “Would they have been able to build that on traditional world of hardware and infrastructure? I would like to think not. We’ll see a lot of new young businesses building completely new things.”
Mobile Insider - 6/19/2012
[T]en brands on the Socialcam leaderboard… have over half a million followers already. Lipton Iced Tea, Sierra Mist, Oprah’s OWN network, and even General Electric have in excess of 500,000 followers. Musicians and sports teams have proven to be especially powerful here. One of the advantages of Socialcam as a marketing vehicle over the standard social nets like Facebook is the alerting system. When you follow anyone on SocialCam, it sends a mobile app alert whenever a new item is posted. This, of course, forces providers to be reserved. This can’t be treated like Twitter. “I think those followers are a lot more valuable,” [Michael Seibel] says.
Business Insider - 6/11/2012
Socialcam is a mobile video app that lets users make and share quick films. It launched 15 months ago and received 1 million downloads in its first six months.  Now Socialcam has about 8 million daily active users—more than 8X the size of its closest competitor…
Washington Times - 6/6/2012
What is the future of social media? What will we be talking about 12 months from now?
Nobody really knows. We are just executing as quickly as possible in the reality. Don't guess. Focus on what you can see. Right now, it's SocialCam. Numbers alone don't make me want to test something. When I first taste it's at scale. Tens of thousands of the right people. When it's being used by a 15 year old in the middle of America, start assessing. Use the products. 
TNW - 5/24/2012
Socialcam is on a tear lately, bringing the Brooklyn Nets onto its platform, and announcing a whole slew of new brands who have joined Socialcam to share content with fans. Most notably, Oprah’s television network OWN has joined the site to share previously unreleased content with its viewers. Its first video is a teaser for the network’s summer season. In addition to OWN, it looks like sports teams are taking a liking to Socialcam as well. Joining the Brooklyn Nets are the Milwaukee Bucks, New York Jets, and Philadelphia 76ers.
AdAge - 5/23/2012
SocialCam, in particular, has attracted a flurry of brands in recent weeks, like General Electric, the Brooklyn Nets basketball team and Discovery Channel's Shark Week. PepsiCo brands Sierra Mist and Brisk iced tea launched their pages just days ago and have since amassed more than 50,000 followers apiece.
Techcrunch - 5/22/2012
Social mobile video startup Socialcam is rolling out a new website today, which is designed to create more engagement for users that might not have the mobile app installed. The company has also introduced a leaderboard to help highlight users to celebrities, brands and top producers on the Socialcam platform. For Socialcam, the new release is all about community, according to CEO Michael Seibel.
TNW - 5/21/2012
The social video sharing app Socialcam is making strides to bring the most interesting content to its platform by landing the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets, hot off of its re-branding from the New Jersey Nets. The team, co-owned by Jay-Z, will be moving to the Barclays Center for the 2012-13 NBA season, and has kicked off a new marketing campaign it calls “Hello Brooklyn.” Part of that campaign is joining Socialcam and presenting the team’s content to its community of over 35M (and growing).
HLN - 5/16/2012
The most surprising thing about the jet-powered ascent of video sharing app Socialcam is that it took this long. Consider: YouTube is huge. Facebook is huge. Instagram is huge and currently swimming in an ocean of Facebook dollars. (Zuckerbucks?) So a mobile app that combines the signature features of each of these social heavyweights absolutely had to take off.
The Root - 5/8/2012 
Judging by its more than 50 million users and the fact that Facebook recently acquired the company for $1 billion, it's pretty safe to say that Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing apps to date. But what about mobile users who want to capture and share video? Enter the hotness: Socialcam. 
TNW - 5/2/2012
Hitting the top spot on Apple’s app store is a sure sign that your product is hitting critical mass. We’ve tracked apps like Instagram and Draw Something throughout their rise to greatness, and this milestone was a huge windfall for them, both with users and recognition. Socialcam, a company that was spun off from Justin Kan’s, already has 20M users for its video sharing app and doesn’t look to be slowing down.
Techcrunch - 4/30/2012
The race to be the “Instagram for video” is hotter than ever, and Socialcam, the app that spun out of video sharing pioneer last year and was part of Y Combinator’s winter 2012 class, is hustling hard for the lead. The company has raised seed funding from a group of angel investors that reads like a “who’s who” list of tech and entertainment industry heavyweights.
Techcrunch - 4/11/2012
Now that Instagram has been snapped up by Facebook in an eye-popping $1 billion deal, it’s become even more clear that the excitement around apps like Socialcam may just be getting started. Tech investors are now looking even more feverishly for the next big hit in the mobile media space — an “Instagram for video” play. 
Techcrunch - 3/28/2012
Yesterday, Y Combinator double alum and video sharing app Socialcam debuted its new and improved wares at Demo Day. Today, the startup is following up with the official announcement of Socialcam 4.0 — the biggest release for the video sharing tool since it released its filters — that brings themes and soundtracks to the so-called “Instagram for video.”
Socialcam continues to improve its iPhone app, which it hopes becomes a sort-of Instagram for video sharing. The latest update adds a bit of real-time video editing and the addition of themes, titles and soundtracks to make videos look and sound more professional.
The Next Web - 3/28/2012
The new app keeps the custom filters, but adds themes with beautiful typography and soundtracks to the mix, allowing you to create fully produced video memories in seconds. These aren’t just a few seconds of video with filters on top, these feel like video productions with overlay titles, splash screens and more.
Today Show - 2/22/2012
If you want to record and share videos, you can use one of my favorite new services, Socialcam. It’s a great and easy way to record videos on your mobile device and then share them instantly with your friends and family as well.
Techcrunch - 1/30/2012
Having spun out of online broadcaster last year, SocialCam has managed to get a strong footing on iOS and Android. It passed 3 million downloads in December, and it’s now sending 3 million notifications a day, with video uploads and following counts up by 700% and 800% in the last few months, according to cofounder Michael Seibel.  But the three-man team is going back into Y Combinator, the early-stage seed fund that had grown out of, instead of taking the more obvious routes of raising venture funding or simply continuing to build on its own.
San Francisco Chronicle - 12/8/2011
The humble camcorder may be going the way of the point-and-shoot camera, largely replaced by a device that's already in your pocket. Smart-phone applications for recording video have yet to explode in popularity like certain apps for taking photos, such as 14 million-user Instagram. But some video apps are rapidly approaching those kind of user numbers. At least one of them will be a breakout hit, said Michael Seibel, CEO of Socialcam - and 2012 will be the year it happens. "What it really comes down to is the devices," said Seibel, 29, who formerly ran live video-streaming site "Fundamentally, 30 million Americans are 5 feet away from a video camera 24 hours a day. It's never been that way before."

Techcrunch - 12/7/2011
We've been tracking Socialcam's foray into mobile video sharing since the app launched in March, so we have some context for the announcement today that it's passed 3 million downloads. Basically, the app is starting to take off. 

Techcrunch - 10/28/2011
Since last spring we've been tracking the progress of Socialcam, the 'Instagram for Video' that spun off from  The app, which is available for iOS and Android, hit the 2 million download milestone at the beginning of the month, and to mark the occasion it launched a new feature that made the 'Instagram' comparison even more apt:filters... As it turns out, people really like filters on their videos. A lot.
Techcrunch - 10/5/2011
Socialcam, the ‘Instagram for Video’ that launched shortly before this year’s SXSW, has crossed a major milestone this week: it’s now been downloaded 2 million times across iOS and Android devices since it launched six months ago.It’s also launching the 3.0 version of its app, which adds a feature that makes the comparison to Instagram even more apt: you can now add video filters.
NewTeeVee - 10/5/2011
Socialcam is on a roll: Its video sharing app for iPhone just hit 2 million downloads on the Apple App Store, and it’s rolling out a new version Wednesday that adds filters to its feature set. Before today, San Francisco-based Socialcam was already the leading video sharing application available for the iPhone. The 2 million download milestone occurred just six months after launch — but more importantly, it comes just two months after Socialcam announced it had hit a million downloads. That shows that the service is catching on and customer acquisition is actually improving with time.
All Things D - 10/5/2011
Mobile social video app Socialcam is trying even harder to claim the title of “the Instagram of video” by sharing fast growth stats and launching new and improved filters today.  Socialcam has been downloaded two million times since it launched six months ago, and 30 percent of its users have uploaded videos...
The Next Web - 10/5/2011
Socialcam is today announced that it has reached a 2m download milestone in the last 6 months of its existence. It is also releasing version 3.0 of its popular video shooting and sharing app which brings a series of filters that you can apply to it, much in the way that Instagram works for photos.  It ‘s not the first app to do this, of course, but it is one of the only free apps that does it and allows you to shoot and share any video you want, regardless of length. Many other apps of this type require that you limit your filtered videos to 15-30 seconds.
Techcrunch - 8/29/2011
Last spring, just in time for SXSW, launched a new standalone video app that has a simple purpose: it lets you share short videos with your friends with just a few taps. The app adopted a model that’s very similar to Instagram’s, with a ‘follow’ system and quick sharing to services like Twitter and Facebook.  And it got off to a strong start, with 250,000 downloads in its first month alone.  It’s done so well, in fact, that six months after the app first launched, is spinning Socialcam off as its own independent company.
TechCrunch - 07/15/2011
Socialcam, the service from that’s essentially an ‘Instagram for Video’, has passed a big milestone: since launching in March, they now have more than one million downloads on iOS devices (actually they have more than that now, because they passed that number in as the end of June). 
GigaOm - 07/15/2011’s Socialcam might be taking an early lead in the video sharing app space, as it has notched a million downloads on the Apple App Store. But the app isn’t stopping there — recent releases are aimed at making it easier for users to login, find friends within the app and share videos to even more possible distribution points.
Mashable - 07/07/2011
Socialcam's tagline is: "Shoot, tag and share it with your friends... instantly." The app let's you sign up and then share videos on multiple outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and even Google+.
TechCrunch - 06/21/2011
We’re back for a new episode of TC Cribs, and it’s featuring a startup long-time TechCrunch readers will know well: The office is a quirky mix of hallways, rooms that probably shouldn’t be rooms, and secret stairways — and it’s loaded with character and condiments.
The New York Times - 05/04/2011
New mobile apps have begun to make it almost as easy to share a video as it is to shoot... The most talked-about video app is Socialcam, a free app for iPhone and Android models that, as its name says, incorporates social media into the mix.
TechCrunch - 05/04/2011
Socialcam, the video sharing app that was created by, is quickly fleshing out its feature set.  The app — which is a lot like an ‘Instagram for video’, minus the effects filters — launched just in time for SXSW and had 250,000 downloads in its first month (the total download number is significantly higher than that, though they aren’t releasing figures until they reach their next ‘big’ milestone).
ReadWriteWeb - 05/04/2011
Socialcam, the mobile social video sharing app by, hit the App Store around two months ago and quickly became a favorite (for me, at least) for quick mobile video sharing. Like Instagram, however, it lacked just one thing - a website.
The Next Web - 04/29/2011
People are turning to their phones to shoot video more than ever before. SocialCam was designed specifically to cater to those people that use their smartphones like a camcorder. The app is simple and minimally featured for now, aimed at replacing the camera app entirely for shooting video.
TechCrunch - 04/20/2011
Since launching in March (just in time for SXSW), the app has racked up over 250,000 downloads in its first month, 75% of which were on iOS devices. And today they’re launching an update to the app (iPhone only for now, with Android’s update coming) that makes some nice tweaks. 
AppJudgment - 04/11/2011
SocialCam is the new way to share video from on the go! It's the new Instagram for video - and the people are using it!
Read Write Web - 04/1/2011
This app offers you an easy way to share videos with your friends. With the app, you can record, tag and share your videos in addition to browsing, liking and commenting on those belonging to friends.
The Guardian - 04/1/2011
Launched at the start of March, the free app sailed past 200,000 downloads in a couple of weeks, with claims that it does for video what apps like Instagram and Picplz do for photos.
CNET - 03/09/2011
As Socialcam shows, video sharing from a mobile device can work extremely well. The secret is the execution.
Socialcam for iPhone and Android 
Gizmodo - 03/07/2011
Built on top of JustinTV's mobile live streaming infrastructure, Socialcam, available for iOS and Android, takes the guesswork and legwork out of sharing smartphone video.  
Mashable - 03/07/2011
We’ve been hearing for weeks about Socialcam, a new video-sharing app from, and today it becomes available on the iPhone and Android.
GigaOm - 03/07/2011
Socialcam is a new app that makes it easy for users to shoot and upload videos from their iPhone, iPod touch and Android mobile devices and to share those videos with friends — who can either watch the videos on their own mobile devices, or on the dedicated Socialcam site. 
The Next Web - 03/07/2011
With social photo sharing apps being all the rage lately, it’s no wonder that Socialcam has been so heavily talked about. Viral live video site has developed Socialcam to fill that void of social video sharing via mobile devices and, at first blush, things look to be very good.
ReadWriteWeb - 03/07/2011, the live streaming video site, has taken a crack at socially sharing video with Socialcam, an app that could quickly become as popular for sharing video as Instagram became for sharing pictures. Launches Socialcam Mobile Video-Sharing App
All Things D - 03/07/2011, the live video service, today launched an application called Socialcam to help users share video taken on their iPhone and Android devices. 

Socialcam: A Look at's Upcoming 'Instagram for Video'
TechCrunch - 02/18/2011
I sat down with founder Justin Kan and VP of marketing Matthew DiPietro to get a tour of the app, and have also gotten the chance to play around with the Android version myself. 

Sneak Peek: Video-Sharing App From Guys On the Way
Mashable - 2/16/2011
Socialcam is a video-sharing app for mobile that will make uploading video to one’s social network a snap. At the moment, it’s set for release in early March. 

Why Starting Was A Really Bad Idea, But I’m Glad We Did It Anyway
TechCrunch - 02/12/2010

Right now I’m neck deep in product launch mode, putting the finishing touches on our new mobile video application—Socialcam. Of course, I’ve been here before... To Launch Social Video-Sharing App
Mashable - 01/31/2011

The guys over at are planning to launch SocialCam, a video-sharing app for mobile that will make uploading video to one’s social network a snap, in early March.

App to Look Out For: SocialCam From
GeekSugar - 02/01/2011 launched a live-streaming mobile app last year, but it already has plans for a different approach. A new app, called SocialCam, will debut in March and allow users to quickly upload and share video across social networks, not unlike the successful model employed by photo-sharing apps like Instagram and PicPlz.

SocialCam App To Offer Mobile Video + Social Video Sharing
RealSEO - 02/02/2011 is willing to learn and adapt to their users behavior. For example, the live-streaming video app they launched in 2010 was used by a lot of customers, but not for live video. In fact, over 90% of the video uploaded using the app was watched after the fact--on tape-delay, if you will. So now they've gone back to the drawing board to create a new mobile app, and it's one that responds to user demand for social and sharing options for their video. The app, called SocialCam, will be released in March, and is designed to let users film and then share video footage on the fly.